My Braces Experience

Sunday, June 21, 2015

So I've been getting a lot of questions from people who want to know about my braces experience because they're either getting them on soon, or just wondering because I now have them off.
I got my braces I believe in November of 2014 and I just had them taken off on June 17, 2015.
My teeth had no real issues beforehand, they were just a little bit crooked because I used to suck my thumb and I had a terrible sledding accident where my two front teeth were knocked out by my neighbor's head (fun right?).
Getting my braces on was totally painless, only a bit awkward. You initially have no idea what to do with yourself because now you have these spiky metal things in your mouth. But, you quickly adjust to feeling and you actually forget that they're there.
So of course the ortho is going to give you this giant list of things that you cant eat (and you wonder how you're even going to survive), but you can honestly just ignore it. Yes, don't just dive into eating gum and corn on the cob, but as long as you're careful with your braces then they will be fine.
I did not have any rubber bands put in my mouth because I didn't need them, so I'm sorry if you have questions about them. What did happen was I had to get on new wires that were tighter and thicker than the ones before, and the first few days that you wear them, they make your teeth so sore. That was honestly the worst part of my braces overall, so you have nothing to worry about.
Basic Braces Care:
All I did was brush my teeth per usual, day and night. As for flossing, its pretty much impossible to get that little string around your braces, so you can just use braces picks, or a water pick. A water pick is this machine that shoots out this line of water so you can flush out things that are stuck between your teeth. (Be care though because my brother almost shot his eye out.) If your wires poke the back of your mouth or cheeks, you can ask the ortho to cut them down for you, or take little pieces of wax (that the ortho should provide) and cover up the wire with them.
Overall, getting your braces on should not be frightening or worrisome. Almost everyone has/had braces and just think about how great you'll look once they're off!!
Good luck, Reese Regan <3

(I look like I aged 4 years)


  1. It really isn't easy to have braces, but it sure is usually worth the pain in the end. Your teeth look so much better now, Reese. And the information you shared about your brace experience will really come in handy to those who are planning to have one too. Thank you very much for sharing! :)

    Dora Ingram @ CGDDS

  2. It really is tough to floss around braces, but practice makes it perfect (trust me, I’ve been there, and flossing is still incredibly important to your oral health). Flossing is easier if you use waxed floss to minimize the risks of it getting shredded in the metal. You should also go long—about 18 inches should suffice), and clean your teeth by moving it up and down gently. Just make sure to carefully thread the floss under the braces’ main wire.

    Alessandra Landers @ My Maryville Dentist

  3. I had to have braces on for about three years. It wasn't fun to have restrictions to food that I normally loved because I am a vegetarian who eats a lot of crunchy vegetables. Once, when I tried to bite in to a fresh nectarine, a wire on my braces snapped. I never did that again.

    Jon Mack @ Gentle Dental Online

  4. Thanks for letting me share my recent experience at the dentist. Been terrified to get my tooth extracted, but it appears all this new technology really has allowed the dentist to work on your teeth with as little pain as possible. He extracted a challenging molar with me wide awake and feeling absolutely zero pain. No pain equals great experience.

    Bennie Chandler @ Pine Creek Dental

  5. You really have a great change in your teeth. You teeth look better now after getting braces off. Thanks for sharing this all.

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