How I Use My Planner + Supplies!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Goood morning/afternoon/evening to all of you lovely people. Tons of you have been requesting that I show you inside of my planner sooo, here ya go :-)

The planner that I use is the Day Designer brand, in a aqua blue moleskin cover. It is absolutely beautiful, due to its majestic color, smooth and clean feeling, and eye-catching gold detailing. (Can you tell I'm in love with this planner?)

I purchased this baby at Target for about $12 (maybe $15).

It is currently summer, so I do not have anything school-related written in this planner yet. I would normally write down my homework and assignments due, so I'll do an updated blogpost once the school year rolls around.

I love the monthly view on this planner because it makes me look like I have a very interesting life. I write down any events, appointments, or things that I need to do, with their times.

I use these little sticky flags to mark videos that I need to film and upload, and I put them on the days I will do so. I absolutely love this little trick because I can move around the videos if my plans change, or I can't film that specific video.

The one thing I do not like about this planner is that it does not change colors or themes in any way. It stays a consistent blue color throughout the whole year, and I honestly almost didn't buy it because of that. But, of course that's where washi tape comes in to save the day.
I use coordinating styles of washi tape to decorate the top of each page for a new month or week. I also like to use stickers to re-write the month name (because the goal here is cuteness, am I right?).

As for the weekly spreads, I like to once again use washi tape to decorate, but otherwise I basically use the boxes as a long, daily to-do list.
I used to have to-do lists scattered everywhere on my desk, but using a planner has completely eliminated them.

Currently I have a basic list of things I need to get done for each day, including: summer school work, going to the gym, errands, and meals. Of course if there are other things I need to do that day, I'll write em' down.

I recently have been pre-planning/decorating upcoming weeks, kinda with a theme in mind. For example, I had a candy/sweets theme for this week (which is pretty freaking adorable if I may add).

And of course you gotta have some supplies to do this all, so here are my weapons of choice:

Highlighter (for the important stuff)
BIC 4-in-one colored pen
BIC Atlantis medium point pen (black)
Sticky Flags
Sticky Notes
Sharpie Pens
Washi Tape

My washi tape stash (all were purchased from Target)

(first were from Target, middle 3 from IKEA, last from Target)

And stickers (all from

That's all I have for today! I hope I inspired you to organize your life with a planner because doesn't it look fun?! Have a wonderful day! xoxo reese regan

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