10 Reasons Why I'm Excited for Summer

Friday, February 12, 2016

So as you can tell, I recently re-did my blog (and it looks pretty darn cute). For the past few days, I've been trying to brew up some blog post ideas because why have an adorable blog if you don't use it? I have the tendency to talk to myself as I wander around my house - it's actually really weird how often I do it - but I usually end up speaking through possible YouTube video scripts. Today, I was going over some things I'm looking forward to in the summer, and a little spark went off - let's blog it! So basically that's what I will be discussing today...

Reasons Why I'm Excited for Summer:

1. My Birthday: My birthday is on June 20 (I'm a Gemini for all you zodiac lovers), and I absolutely love when in falls. It's an equal distance from Christmas, meaning I get presents for a completely different season, and I can start off the summer on a good note. Not to mention that it will be my 17th birthday and I will officially be a senior in high school. All good for this gal!

2. Getting My License: Ohhh my gosh this has to be one of the most exciting things to look forward to because I'm a very independent person, and getting a license is like a ticket to freedom. All of my friends are currently getting their L's, and to be honest, I am so jealous. Being able to drive will allow me to do so many things, such as: go to work, buy more fruits and veggies when I run out, hang out with friends whenever I want, go to the beach almost everyday, drive to cool locations to film, and so much more!!

3. CALIFORNIA BABY: AHHHH! If you didn't already know, I am going to Vidcon 2016 which means that I get to visit the magical land of C A L I F O R N I A! California is my dream destination for so many reasons, and now I can actually experience it myself (not through the countless number of California vlogs I watch). I'm going with one of my really good friends named Karli, and it's going to be amazing. She also likes photography and videography, so I will be taking some banging pics from my trip. I'm also super duper excited to meet with my internet loves, Emmy, Melissa, and Monica.

4. Buying My First Car: I was going to make this number 3 after mentioning my license, but I was too excited to get to talking about California. Anyways, along with getting my L, I will be purchasing my first car all by myself. I have been saving up money for months now, and by the time June comes around I'm expecting to have about $10,000 to buy a car. Not many people can say that they bought their first car, so I'm excited to experience this milestone in my life. (I'm also so ready to go car shopping because how fun does that sound??)

5. The Beach: The beach is my favorite place in the entire world, and with my license and some friends, it'll definitely be the highlight of my summer. Last year I didn't get to go to the beach as much as I wanted to because my parents had to work a lot, but now I will be able to go whenever I please. Okay this is super weird, but I'm also so excited to pack my car with my beach day essentials like: a chair, sunscreen, some towels, my lunch (of lots of fruit), extra clothes... doesn't that sound so cool?!?

6. Healthy Lifestyle: It is sooo much easier to live a healthy lifestyle in the summer because you have more time to make good meals and work out. I cannot wait to go on jogs in the morning, sit outside and eat some refreshing fruit, and overall feel good 24/7. Currently in the winter months, it has been so difficult for me to make time to work out with all of my studying and projects. I'm looking forward the breath of relief that comes with the care-free life of summertime.

7. Summer Fashion: There is nothing I love more than throwing on a pair of jean shorts and a cute tank top - an outfit that you can literally wear every single day in the summer. I love simplicity when it comes to my outfits, and I can just imagine all of the high-waisted, ripped jean shorts, and flowy tank tops with lacey bralettes that I will have. Something about summer clothes makes me feel bad-ass and confident, so I'm ready for those warm, sunshine days right about now.

8. YouTube Videos All Da Time: More free time = more videos. More sunshine = better lighting for videos. Longer days = more time to film videos. Everyone on summer break = more people have time to watch videos. It's a win-win all around.

9. Summer F O O D: Popsicles, pizza, veggie burgers, fries, watermelon, fruit... all taste better in the summer. I'm obviously a vegan, but there are still so many options for me to enjoy in the summer. Plus with all the extra time I'll have, I'll be able to try out a ton of amazing vegan recipes!

10. Freedom. With summer comes a sense of immense freedom. No school or responsibilities allows you to be able to hang out with friends and actually enjoy your life. I want to do lots of fun activities, and with a license I will taking lots a day-trips to cool places. Ahh I'm so pumped!! What about you?

Here's a little inspiration board for what I want this year's summer to be like, but otherwise, thanks for reading! Lots of love, Reese.

February Inspiration

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

     Ahhh would you look at my beautiful, new & improved blog. I'm so happy I finally had the time and motivation to restart this baby because I truly do want to making blogging a frequent thing.
      Chapter 2 of 12 is already upon us and I cannot believe how fast the time is going already. I've created a little inspiration board for the month of February, just to reflect how I want my month to feel like. I've been very into lavender and pastel pink hues recently, paired with (my obvious love of) black and white. I hope you get some good vibes off this post, but otherwise, I have nothing else to say besides - let's get blogging!        xo, Reese
(all pictures are from Tumblr - follow me @happyd4nce)

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