My List.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So it's already March.
How the heck is it already March??
It seems like just yesterday I was counting down from ten and wearing a dollar-store hat that read "2016".
These past two months have flown by, every day blending into the next, filled with lots of studying, work, tears, and school. I feel as if I haven't even had time to acknowledge my goals that I had set for this new year, and now that I do, I'm seeing that I have not even scratched the surface of them.
Now that it's March, we are crawling out of the darkness that comes with the winter, into a new setting of light and life. As the flowers pop up from their hidden homes in the ground, and the air gets a bit warmer each day, my motivation grows alongside the spring time.
And I am here to create a list.
Not a grocery list.
Not a list of tonight's homework.
Not a list of things I have to do today.
A list of life-time goals.
I will track and follow these goals as long as it takes, until they are done, or I am dead. (Okay, that was a bit dramatic.)
This list will contain every goal I have, relating to every aspect of my life. They will track my progress of evolution as a person, a YouTuber, a friend, a role-model, a student, and everything in between.
I encourage you to make your own list and share it to the world, that way we can all support and motivate each other to reach our maximum awesomeness.
So enough babble. I present to you, my List.


Receive my 100,000 subscriber plaque
Be noticed in public
Be published in an article or magazine
Reach 250,000 subscribers
Reach 300,000 subscribers
Reach 400,000 subscribers
Reach 500,000 subscribers
Reach 1 million subscribers
Receive my 1 million subscriber plaque
Have a meetup
Go on tour
Create and sell my own product/service
Meet other YouTubers
Make YouTuber friends
Open a P.O box


Earn principal's list for first semester (junior year)
Earn principal's list for second semester (junior year)
Earn principal's list for first semester (senior year)
Earn principal's list for second semester (senior year)
Take the new SATs
Earn above a 1200 on the new SATs
Earn above a 1400 on the new SATs
Move rank to below #60
Apply to college
Get accepted into college


Go to Junior Prom
Go to Senior Prom
Be asked to prom?
Win a superlative
Make new friends
Feel comfortable with a friend group
Go to a real party
Have a boyfriend (sooner or later)


Go to California
Move away from home
Get my first place
Be promoted
Get my license
Turn 18
Turn 21
Get a tattoo
Dye my hair
Cut my hair short
Get a really good massage
Go on a date
Donate to a good cause
Donate to Locks of Love
Give money/food to the homeless
Do something extremely selfless


Visit a different country
Visit a different continent
Scuba dive
Go on a road trip
Go on a cross-country road trip
Learn to surf
Show up at the airport with only a bag and passport and take the next available flight
Go to Hawaii
Visit Europe
Visit Greece

This list will be constantly updated with new goals, or the goals that have been crossed off and completed. I am excited to share this with you, and I hope you join the fun.
Lots of love,

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