My Favorite Healthy Snacks!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

We all love snacking. It's an uncontrollable force that can sometimes lead us to overdo it. Believe me, I've been there. But, since starting my little health/fitness journey I've compiled a list of my favorite healthy snacks, that will satisfy your cravings, but not tip the scale.

△ mixed nuts
△ celery and peanut butter
△ air-popped kettle corn
△ hummus
△ sunflower seeds
△ guacamole
△ corn tortilla chips (for dipping)
△ turkey and cheese roll-ups
△ hard-boiled eggs
△ veggie straws (if I'm craving chips)
△ tomato + mozzarella + balsamic = yum
△ whole grain toast and peanut butter

Sweet and Savory:
△ cheese cubes and grapes
△ trail mix with unsalted nuts and berries (none of that chocolate and m&m stuff!)
△ banana or apples with peanut butter
△ banana sliced in half, spread with peanut butter, and topped with nuts

△ almost every fruit you can think of
△ (but my favs are) apples, bananas, cuties, red grapes, nectarines, blueberries, watermelon, etc.
△ dark chocolate
△ "nice-cream" (blended up frozen bananas)
△ yogurt
baked apple pie cookies (yum!!!!)
△ lactose-free ice cream

I hope you guys got some ideas from my list, because there are tons to choose from. If you're starting a fitness journey as well, just know that it's okay to snack! Sometimes we need to help ourselves between meals, and that's totally fine. I wish you all the best of luck and a wonderful day! xoxo Reese

A Look At My Books

Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm a stationary hoarder. No doubt about it. Whenever I go into stores (especially Target), I just can't help myself but to want to buy all of the notebooks and journals there. They're all so pretty with different colors, fonts, pages, quotes, and covers. I constantly have a little pile of notebooks that just float around my room and follow me around, and I'm going to show you them.
 Here's my current desk setup and if you want to see it in more detail, click here.
 On the far left of my desk you can see my little stack of books, also pictured nicely above. I have my (DIY) planner, my youtube video ideas notebook, a small moleskin journal, and a tiny book of sticky notes.
Starting with my planner, I'm currently just using a small drawing notebook from ACMoore. My other planner ended at June, and I needed something to hold me over before I purchase the InkWell Press Planner in September.
I set up my monthly view just by using a gold metallic marker and drawing a grid. The weeks start with Monday instead of Sunday, because I like to keep the weekend days together on the far right. I decorated the top with some floral washi tape, and a cute arrow-shaped sticker to mark the month.
I fill it in by using mulit-colored Sharpie pens that all serve a different purpose (school = blue, youtube = pink, etc.). I also like to use some little sticky note flags to mark what videos I want to film and when, plus I can move the flags around if I change my mind. Overall, I'm pretty simple when it comes to planning.
I like to set goals for each month and you can read some of mine for July. July has kinda been my "reset" month, because for the last half of June I basically had no sense of direction for my life.
As for day-to-day planning, I like to have a huge block of space for each day. On the right side I like to make tiny boxes for all of my meals, what workout I did for the day, and tracking my water. For planning my day out, I either sit the night before or the morning of that day and just write a giant to-do list. I also right little reminders of mental things I need to do.
My next friend I've got is my YouTube video planning/ideas notebook. I was actually successful in making use of this notebook, and I always keep in nearby. On the front I just used another little flag sticker to make it look complete.
(origami heart page tab can be made here)

Inside, I obviously have a list of overall video concepts, but I also dedicate whole pages to a singular video. This book makes sure my videos come out exactly how I picture them in my head, and it contains all of my crazy ideas.
The final two books I have are my thoughts journal, and that sticky note pad I mentioned before. My thoughts journal does exactly as it says, holds my thoughts. It's just filled with ideas and concepts and arguments and all of the things I wish to say aloud, but I have no one to talk to about. I have a buzzing mind and a big imagination, so I need something to filter everything into.
That tiny book of stickies is so useful when it comes to planning, and just making little notes to myself. It was free from some seminar so that's also pretty great.

And of course when it comes to writing or planning or drawing or creating, you need some supplies. Here are my absolute favorites:
△ Fine-Tip Sharpie Pens
△ BIC Mark-it Fine Point Metallic Markers
△ BIC 4-in-one Colored Pen
△ Washi Tape
△ Sticky Notes

I hope you guys enjoyed a little look into my life :-)
As always, xoxo Reese.
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